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Mere Naam Tu – Priya and Abhijeet’s Graceful Story

Priya & Abhijeet

Pre wedding 3

Mere Naam Tu:-)

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Take a walk, it can change your life 😉

“We were on our journey to find a soulmate,” says Priya. “And one day one of our relatives suggested me, about him (Abhijeet).”

“It was an arranged meeting. With our so many relatives in front of us, it was quite difficult for both of us to talk to each other. But thanks he asked for a little walk. I never thought that this little journey of about half an hour will change into a lifelong bond. The shy looking guy has something in him. He was very clear about his views and transparent about his opinions. I was always looking for such a guy."

"I don't want to accept this in front of him, but yes, the boy impressed me." Priya tries to control her mischievous laugh.

Photojunction has the best team with the new innovative. 🙂

jab we met with photojunction priya & abhijeet 5
jab we met with photojunction priya & abhijeet 2
we found a new friend photojunction priya & abhijeet 4
Jab we met 😉 (with PhotoJunction)
“For me finding the right girl to marry is difficult. But finding the right photographer whose photos can make her smile is more difficult.” Abhijeet shares his clear point of view.

He further adds "Honestly, it was a cumbersome task. We were continuously searching for a good photographer. Actually, we met a few. Some of them had a large appetite and were asking for an un-affordable amount of money. And some of them were in our budget but their previous work was not of good standards. So we were totally helpless in finding the perfect photographer."

"When we were tired of searching the photographers, my friend told me about PhotoJunction - a wedding,pre wedding and almost every type of photography service providing company. I was not sure that a company can handle this. I mean, of a single photographer we can judge his work, but how can one judge work of an unknown photographer of a photography company?"

"But my friend forced me to talk to Mr. Harshad - Co-founder & CEO of the company. And talking to him cleared all our doubts. This humble guy has a good knowledge of his task and the needs of his clients. He showed us the work of his company did in past, suggested us a mind-blowing location and offered all of this in a budget which we were looking for.

I must say from our first meeting with him to the final delivery of our work, we were getting a top-class, professional and corporate service.

I am sure this is not possible by any single photographer who runs his own photography business."

"He actually gave us a free pre wedding shoot package along with our selected pre wedding song package."

A Romantic Evening 😎

Priya remembers, "Ocean has always attracted me. I wanted our pre wedding location around the sea. A friendly customer care representative of PhotoJunction helped us to find the perfect location of a seashore. We reached there early in the morning. And to my wonder, the team of a total of 5 crew members - cinematographers and photographers got ready within a few minutes."

"We are not actors, we are simple guys. So I was unsure how will I look into the camera and will my emotions be captured perfectly? The professionalism of PhotoJunction team amazed me. They eased me with their supportive words and calmed my tension. And the treatment they gave to us was made me wonder that I am a professional actress 😀 ."

"Though we were wanting the sun should never set for that day, but it had to. Just then PhotoJunction team shot some beautiful silhouettes' photos and a dreamy video. And that surprised me again, that how much detailed these guys have thought about their work."

All pics are best but Evening photoshoot is most adorable. 🙂

beautiful resort priya & abhijeet 4
beautiful resort priya & abhijeet 3
Beautiful Resort Location - Cherry on the top 😯 
Abhijeet adds,"That night was one of the best nights of life. I will never forget that."

"Though we were shooting for the whole day, the enthusiasm of PhotoJunction team was not ending. They brought us to that beautiful resort and started filming."

"The resort stood out with its shining lights on the backdrop of peach black night."

"They choreographed a whole scene where I danced with my fiancee."

"The use of the drone at the perfect moment made our video more cinematic and lively."
we found a new friend photojunction priya & abhijeet 1
We found a new friend - PhotoJunction 😀 

"The ease of using their services, quality and style of their work, professional and humble behaviour and very budget friendly services surely made us to suggest them to our friends and relatives.


And yes of course we will say that,

Koi Bhi Ho Function Book Karo PhotoJunction."

- Priya and Abhijeet

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